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Secret Aardvark Drunken Jerk Sauce

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    Here's what their site says. We would add that if you add it onto a piece of dead animal you are a butthole.

    "A Tropical Flavor that kicks you in the mouth. Made with Scotch Bonnet/Habanero Chile peppers. This spicy sauce is traditionally used as a marinade for the Jamaican-style BBQ simply known as "JERK". We add a splash of dark rum for a sauce that is as versatile as your imagination & possibly hotter."

    10.5 oz bottle

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    1. Jerk Pineapple Tacos!! The best!

      I love this sauce so much I order 6 and have them sent to CA since I no longer live in Portland. My fave is to marinate your vegan choice of meat, add pineapple chunks, arugula and add to a flour tortilla. Soooo good! on 1st Apr 2013

    2. Secret Aardvark is great...

      ..but the people who run this site obviously are not. I was going to buy this from you until I saw that line, "if you add it onto a piece of dead animal you are a butthole." Good for you, you are better than everyone else in the world. I hope your smug attitude and false sense of superiority serve you well. You are the reason vegetarians get a bad reputation. And I should know, because I was the same way about my veganism for years until I grew up a bit. You'll make more money if you stop acting like children, and you are in this for money... don't get it twisted. on 15th Jan 2013

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