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Personna Tri-Flexxx Shaving System-Women's

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    Not as good as a Mach 3 by Gillette, but it comes without animal torture, yay! And this one has an ergonomic, curved handle. I guess ladies need that, I dunno.
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    1. You may need to be patient

      What they say in the description is true. It doesn't feel like the Schick or Gillette you are giving up, but any nicks you get at the start are surely less painful than the awfulness those bunnies had to endure to test those other blades out. Wear your new scars as a badge of pride as you continue to wage the battle, my friend.

      Tips on getting started . . . be patient and take it slow when you first give this a go. I was pressing hard and moving fast like I could with my pre-gan razor, and I got bit. Use a light touch. I also found that while I can shave my legs fine in the shower, I need to be at the sink for my pits. Not sure why, but it might have something to do with the fact that I recently joined the ranks of the skinny and I actually have pits instead of a flat surface to work with like before. Use one of the fine shaving creams or foams you can get here on this site; it helps. And, for the love of your yonni, I recommend you really get used to this razor before trying to shave your pubes. I haven't tried it, and I am glad to not even be considering it, but perhaps some of you brave ones out there can write a review and give the green light if it's warranted.
      on 28th Sep 2011

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