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NuTru O-Mega-Zen-3 Capsules + EPA


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    They say this, we believe them:

    "NuTru™ has continued to expand its product line of all vegan, high potency omega-3 products by coming out this year with a new O-Mega-Zen product containing both DHA and EPA. This product contains 200+ mg of DHA and over 100 mg of EPA in a softgel format."

    Many of our customers over the years have asked about EPA and, thus, we felt that it was necessary that we develop such a product. EPA has long been studied in relation to mood and inflammation.* It is quite important that sufficient levels of both omega-3 DHA and EPA be present in one capsule which can be taken on a daily basis. Like our other product, O-Mega-Zen + EPA is derived from natural marine plant sources. It is completely vegan and free of contaminants with no marine odor or after taste. It is micro-cultured and thus grown under controlled conditions so as to insure a very clean product. It is100% vegan. It is a highly concentrated, extra strong omega-3 DHA + EPA that has twice the active ingredients of these two critical omega-3 fatty acids. Like our other product, it is curently under evaluation as a leading nutraceutical for enhanced cognitive and cardiovascular function.*

    O-Mega-Zen + EPA is in a soft vegan capsule made from seaweed which contains non-GMO starch, glycerin, purified water, maltitol (0.028 mgs per capsule). It contains no gluten, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, dairy, yeast or wheat.

    This product does not contain any animal material.

    This product contains DHA (Docosahesaenoic Acid) 200+mg and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid as Marine Microalgae Oil) 100+mg."

    40 capsules.


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    1. Have same issue with capsules sticking together

      Just wanted to add that I have experienced the same problem with capsules sticking together, one breaking and oil leaking onto all the remaining pills. I had about ten left in my bottle but am tossing them as I'm worried the exposed oil is more likely to have gone bad. Plus, with the oil not being contained, they just smell bad! on 25th Jan 2012

    2. the product is good but the capsules all stick together in the bottle

      I have used NUTRU vegan DHA for years now. This was the first bottle of the new formula. It works great, but on trying to get the capsules unstuck from each other at the bottle of the bottle, I pierce one of them and ended up with oil all over everything. Maybe they need to have a cardboard cover on the bottle like the old formula. on 8th Dec 2011

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