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Hurraw! Lip Balm

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    This are super duper great. Lots of flavors. Try 'em on your mouth border region.

    More info, ingredients and such, can be found on their web site. And here's a link!

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    1. Better than what you're looking for. The most perfect lip balm ever.

      During the long cold winter I was in a never ending search for vegan lip balm as my lips never did stop cracking. Nothing seemed to work very well. Merry Hempsters & Hugo Naturals were too waxy and hurt to use sometimes plus the tastes were not very good. HURRAW! is different. I bought six different flavors and have loved them all. They glide on buttery and smooth and seem to actually help repair my chapped lips. These are a must for any self-respecting vegan. :) on 26th Feb 2014

    2. The search is over: This is the BEST lip balm you will EVER use!!!

      This is my first winter in Portland, and I allowed myself to become dehydrated to the point that my lips were SEVERELY, split-and-bleed-when-you-smile chapped, complete with flaky skin around the edges. I was at the point of assuring people it wasn't a communicable disease. I was desperate because nothing was helping and this painful problem had been worsening for over two weeks.

      One day, I dragged a new tube of some unusually waxy The Merry Hempsters Vegan across my split lips (I’d been using this brand for years). That was it. So after I stopped crying, I headed over to FF because I remembered Chad had recommended HURRAW! during my last visit. Wow. I mean, WOW. I kid you not, people, my lips were better THE NEXT DAY!!! And just in case you're skeptical, I hadn't introduced any new variables into the equation (e.g., drinking more water). What's more, the balm doesn't sting at all, even when you put it on cracked lips. And it’s true: This stuff even helps on the mouth border regions.

      My conclusion? Hurraw! is MAGIC! Yes, *magic*. It’s what happens when you use clean, natural, cruelty-free, vegan lip balm made by people who have good hearts and good intentions (seriously—click on the link to their site and read about this stuff). Magic. :)

      PS: I bought three--the Night Treatment, Chai Spice (sort of a clove and cinnamon blend), and Tinted Black Cherry--and they all smell and taste INCREDIBLE!!! The tint is VERY slight—barely noticeable. I’m sending these as gifts!

      on 9th Jan 2013

    3. awesome.

      so hard to find good vegan balms, so i was very excited to find this guy. i got the coconut, and the flavor is great. love the natural ingredients. can't wait to try other flavors! on 29th Aug 2012

    4. The most awesome lip balm

      I really,really like this lip balm.It rocks.So smooth on you're lips.Doesn't drag a crossed them.Is is the very best that I have ever used.And I have believe me used oh so many!Plus and this is a big one it's vegan.Cool right Yay! on 30th Oct 2011

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