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Here are some things we like, and/or endorse, and/or are entertained by. Not necessarily all three. Please don't gripe at us if you hate one of these links. Got any suggestions? Get in touch.

Portland Area

Green Acres Farm Sanctuary
Hard working folks near Silverton, OR.

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary
Local (kinda) farm sanctuary located near Salem, OR. Donate or just go lend a hand.

Northwest Veg
Vegetarian education group located here in Portland. Nice folks who organize a lot of pro-animal stuff in the area. Site offers another good resource for eating and living in the Portland area.

Out to Pasture Farm Animal Sanctuary
Another great local sanctuary near Estacada, OR. Get in touch and lend a hand. Or some $$$.

Portland Animal Liberation
Local folks hard at work.

Portland IndyMedia
Local resource for radical politics and goings on.

Portland Vegans of Color
Connecting vegans of color with each other locally and worldwide, to promote more intersectional organizing around vegan politics, to inspire more people of color to go vegan, and to confront the perceived mainstream vision of veganism as a white movement.

Resistance Ecology
Great work. They do an annual conference that brings together folks from other movements. Essential.

Stumptown Vegans
Great site for restaurant reviews. Really great. Check it.

TryVegan PDX
"Try Vegan PDX is a vegan outreach group in Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to help people who have made the decision to go vegan by offering resources, support, and community-building activities."

Other Northwest Resources

Northwest Animal Rights Network (Seattle)
Ass-kickers in the Seattle area. Live up there? Get involved.

Seattle Animal Defense League
Taking care of business. 


National Organizations

Compassion Over Killing

Farm Animal Reform Movement

Farm Sanctuary

Humane Society of the United States

In Defense of Animals

Mercy For Animals

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Vegan Action

Vegan Outreach

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Specific Issue Based Sites


Fur is Dead

Required reading on the state of government repression with regard to the Animal Rights and Environmental movements. Will Potter is a smart man.

Inside Huntington Life Sciences
Learn about a very bad company and how you can help shut them down.

The Final Nail
A state by state list of bad guys, for educational purposes only.

Make Your Own Vegan Household Stuffs
As described. Good resource.