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Food Fight Site v 5.0


Hey everybody. Welcome to another new version of our website and online store. Pretty excited about this one in that (hopefully) everything will work much better on your end, and behind the scenes for us. Fully funcional everything. Fingers crossed.

We've imported all of your accounts from the old site, you might need to reset your password or something, but it shouldn't be hard.

If you have any outstanding gift certificates, THEY WILL NOT WORK. Please just email us with your gift certificate code and we'll apply a credit to your account. Really sorry for the trouble, but.. just couldn't figure out a better way.

Ummm... what else? Updated Portland Guide and "Get Active" pages will be getting worked on to make them better and more useful for you. Any suggestions, just shoot them our way.

The blog will mainly just be used for store specific news now, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news items and exciting stuff like that. 

Ok? Let us know if you find any bugs that need to get worked out.

As always, thanks for the support.

Chad, Emiko, Eben, and Bryan