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    Subtle, right?

    Before you send us angry comments, just relax. Not totally serious, but... a little. We are just frustrated with all the bacon-wrapped-free-range-foie-gras fans that seem to be so proud of their ability to inventively kill and serve up our fellow Earthlings. And we are sick of people fetishising food to the extent that it turns into a celebration of privelege. 

    And we know, we know. There are vegan foodies too. And... well... sorry if this bums you out. It's great to get excited about food, but maybe be a bit humble about it and think about how lucky we all are to be able to online shop for organic paté while people across the world (and in our own neighborhoods) are going without.

    End of rant. LOL? Whee? Yay!

    **NOTE: If you consider yourself a foodie and don't feel that this applies to you... OK. No sweat, it's just a button and... we're just venting. Maybe there should be more than 1 term for a lover of food like... "Vegan Snack Enthusiast" or something else.

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